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My two angels

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I ended up with my first cat, Jasper, from a friend who just kind of gave him to me one day, such a surprise! He's turned out to be apparently part Maine ****, or perhaps part Norwegian Forest Cat; either way, he's a big 18 pound guy! He's now two, and such a pleasure to be around.

We adopted Peppermint Patti from the SPCA around Christmas last year, when she was about three months old. She cuddled with me (Jasper isn't big on being held) and I fell in love! She's technically my mother's gift, but I am still absolutely smitten, and she is incredibly dependent! She is not happy without being near or on somebody. She's now about 8 months and weighs somewhere around 4-5 pounds.

I've attached a few pictures of them, so you can see how handsome (and darling) they are :) for the picture of the bathroom garbage can, take a closer look inside! ;)


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absolutely adorable! love the 3rd picture of Jasper's big stretch! and also the garbage can hiding spot. too funny! you're a lucky cat servant!
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