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my vet is great

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the visit was set so it was her first after lunch today. when I backed the mini van up the staff came out to help me unload, all 5 carriers were in the rooms in seconds, the patients folders were all out with the required vials at the ready..In around an hour all five received their checkups, required vacs and were loaded back up.. jolene,emma,tammi,smokey and yeti are all now sleeping of the stress of the afternoon..(smokey even behaved as perfect gentleman) this was the first time in over a year that yeti had been put in a carrier, he was not overly thrilled about it.. 5 cats no waiting!!!
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Was this your first time there? Sounds like I would keep going there.
no we have used her the last ten years, she always does her best..
I appreciate my vet's office for the same reasons. :) With six cats, I usually
try to schedule four of them at the same time and it is so nice to have the
vet's assistants come out and help carry in my cats and then reload them
into the car.

Also, we usually get seen right away so my babies are not stressed anymore
than is necessary. Plus....big plus vet listens to what I have to
say concerning each of my fur babies.
I have to agree. It is not easy to find a vet who can address your concerns and keep bth you and the cats calm, whilst also having good practice.

My in laws had been going to the same vet for as long as they had dogs, and the vet was a very good one too, so naturally when I got Milky, I took him to the same vet. She was great, always very reassuring, gentle with Milky and very willing to suggest new ideas/methods to me. It was very unfortunate that recently, she opted to leave HK and go back to the States, so I had to find a new vet.

Luckily for me, one of my colleagues has been going to another clinic nearby for many years and raved on about how good the vet is, ever since she knew I got Milky. So I decided to give him a try, and sure as heck, she was right about how patient and caring he is. Most of all, he doesn't charge sky high prices or try to sell you something you don't need. In fact when answering my questions, he told me not to go wasting money on unnecesary stuff. And he'll even go to the trouble of checking things that you didn't ask to be checked, and then go on to inform you the situation of what he checked and what will happen if i do and don't look after that part etc... Now how responsible and caring is that??? And what's even better? After going through all that trouble, when I didn't even ask him in the first place, he doesn't even charge you for what he did, only what you asked him to do!! He really is just amazing!!!
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You do have a great vet!

Duchess has a GREAT vet. Doc is so compassionate and caring. The first time Duchess had an asthma attack it was a Friday. Saturday and Sunday Doc call me to check and see how she was doing. She was fine, Daddy was a mess! He even has his home phone listed. You can call him on the weekend if you have an emergency. He's on the Christmas card list!!!
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