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I’ve never had a cat and would like some advice. Just before this past Christmas, a three month old kitten walked into our garage. We took her to the vet to start vaccinations, get a check-up and test for parasites and FeLV and FIV. She tested positive for FeLV, but the vet told me that she had a better than 50% chance of clearing the infection, and that he would recommend retesting at 6 months of age (middle of March).

She’s had soft stools/diarrhea this entire time, and I’m just not sure what to do next to help her. I’m growing increasingly concerned that she has not cleared the FeLV.

Here’s what we’ve tried so far:

Testing, in chronological order
1) Two fecal flotations to test for parasites (BOTH NEGATIVE)
2) One scraping to test for parasites (NEGATIVE)
3) Just last week: a PCR diarrhea panel, testing for Giardia, Cryptosporidium and Cryptosporidium felis, parvovirus/panleukopenia, Tritrichomonas foetus, Campylobacter jejuni/coli, Salmonella, Clostridium difficile toxins, and Clostridium perifrigens. (ALL NEGATIVE)

Treatment, in chronological order
1) Strongid (can’t remember exactly how many doses; whatever the standard is for new kittens I guess)
2) Ponazuril (can’t remember exactly how much)
3) Viralys powder, sprinkled on every meal for several weeks
4) Metronidazole for 2-3 weeks
5) Currently, near the end of an 8-day trial on Hills I/D canned food and one week into 2-week dose of Probiocin probiotic gel, 1 gram per day in her food

Before we started her on the Hills I/D canned food, we were feeding her what I think are increasingly higher quality foods, first Newman’s Organic Chicken and Brown Rice canned, then Natural Balance Chicken and Green Pea canned, now Merrick Turducken canned.

She has no other symptoms. She’s curious and active, her weight is perfect, her ears and coat are healthy, she has a terrific appetite and loves to play and cuddle. She always makes it to her litter box to go, and her stools have no blood in them from what I can see. They are approximately the same color of her food.

Unfortunately, we can only keep her until after we test her for FeLV and get her spayed. My husband is severely allergic (even though he loves her from afar because she is just so great), and one of my three dogs wants to attack her. We have to keep her in a room downstairs with the door closed. It’s a big room, and she has toys and a window perch and I play music for her.
Every day for an hour or two, I put the dogs in their crates and let her roam as she pleases, and she usually ends up curled up in my lap after attacking the blind cords and checking everything out. I also spend time with her in her room for a little while each day, playing with her toys.

We’ve named her Cecilia, and she’s beautiful. White shorthaired coat and green eyes.

What might be wrong with her? She had diarrhea even today (smelly, with gas; I was in the room with her when it happened), so I think the I/D and Probiocin are not working for her.

Could it be stress? Two of my dogs still bark when they go downstairs and they sniff outside her closed door. And they bark at the UPS truck, random squirrels, etc.

Could it be an intolerance to poultry?

Thanks for reading my long post and for any advice.
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