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Need Advice On Stray Cat

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About 10 days ago, I heard a cat meowing outside my window late one night. I went outside, petted the cat and gave it food and water. After this, I started leaving food and water outside every day. A week passed before I saw the cat again, but it was clear he/she was returning and eating the cat food every day.

Yesterday, I finally saw the cat during daylight hours and went outside to get a closer look. I can't tell if it's male or female. The cat is friendly. It will allow me to pet it and pick it up. It's a black cat with white feet, white chest and white markings on it's face. I'd guess the cat is around 6 months old. It appears healthy, but today I discovered there is something very wrong with one of it's eyes. One eye is fine, but the other one looks very bad -- maybe like it's third eyelid is covering it so you can't see the eye at all. However, the cat doesn't appear to be in any pain.

I don't know what to do to help this cat. I have two senior cats and I'm not in a position to adopt another cat right now. If I contact no-kill shelters in my area, will they likely give the cat medical treatment for it's eye and then adopt him/her out? Would they destroy the cat because it needs medical help? Will I be doing the cat a favor to take it to a shelter? It seemed content yesterday to go running off chasing things after eating it's cat food. I hate to take it away from the life it's known being free and confine it to a shelter. As I said, I'd guess the cat is about 6 months old, so I'm a bit concerned about pregnancy. What would you do in this situation? Thanks.
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If you already know of local shelters - start calling first thing today. If at all possible trap this kitty in your garage a bathrooom anything. The faster the eye is seen by a vet the more likely it can be saved. I had three 'eye problem' fosters last year - one was fine with a course of antibiotics - the other 2 came in too late and the affected eye had to be removed.

Surprisingly cats that are friendly that have had one eye removed are easy to adopt out in our progeam - I sometimes wonder if we aren't creating a club of cats named Winky but if the eye does need to be removed the vet typically sews it shut and people seem to be drawn to the expression - and that is worse case scenario. Please call a local no-kill and get this kitty the help it needs before it does loose the eye - trust me waiting will not likely make it better only worse.
Thanks for responding. I found a no-kill shelter willing to take this cat. They weren't going to take it because they were overcrowded, but the eye problem made them change their mind, maybe because these cats are easily adoptable.

Now, I have to trap the cat in my garage and get it into a carrier. I don't see the cat often. He/she comes around a couple of times a day to eat, then takes off. The cat comes at unpredictable times and sometimes at night, so trapping it anytime soon may be a problem.

Why do I dread trapping this cat and taking it to a shelter? Maybe because I tried to help a couple of strays before and one of the cats was immediately euthanized because it had some injuries they said they couldn't treat. I sure hope I'm doing the right thing in turning this cat over to a shelter (different shelter than last time) and everything turns out well for this cat.
I understand how you feel,but at least you have the chance to get this cat some help and maybe adopted out.There is a cat around my neighborhood as well but I don't feel that I can help it at all and I sit around being very sad and frustrated about it and while I don't think it has the same eye problem you are describing, it does have 'yucky' looking eyes some days when I see it and it doesn't seem to be grooming itself very well which I read can mean it was a one time housepet that was dumped and doesn't know how to care for itself on it's own now.It makes me as sad,mad and frustrated that there is nowhere in my area that will ever help these strays,are NO shelters that would take this cat and help him they tell me I am "out of there area" and my county's shelter will not help it only euthanize after one week if not immediately so I end up asking everyone I know if they would take it and no one ever will of course and then they end up taking someone else's the next time I see or hear from them,A few farm people who want them for mousers but don't want to feed them is all that I ever find and at least here he is being fed.I wish I lived where there are some decent shelters :-( I can't take in anymore and so therefore hate to "get involved" because I start getting attatched and then there is no where to take the poor thing and I end up with another one and I just cannot do that for health reasons.So anyway I sympathize with you totally but I think you are doing a good thing.anyone with advice or help for me please mail me if you want ,thanks.
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