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I need some some advice about my boyfriend (or comfort, idk...)

I really want to move in with him, but we just had an argument about how he's okay with declawing*, how its the same as neutering (for our needs, not the cats) and how I'm hypocritical because I eat meat... What do I do?

Do I just like.. break up with him and move on?... :'[

(P.s. I do NOT need advice on how to explain to him that declawing is cruel etc, my thread already got deleted before because they said there are too many of them, but thats not the point, I just need advice on what to do with Him.)

*I should also explain that he never directly said he 'I'm okay with it, lets do it' but that he said 'My parents did it, what are they cruel?' and basically never said that it is wrong. Is that the same as saying he'd do it?
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