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Hello all,

I tried Googling this, but the info is sort of all over the place.

Short version: I would like to find cans of wet cat food that are similar to Pro Plan, either sauce or gravy.

Long version: I adopted two barn cats with unknown histories, and after dealing with a couple of episodes of bloody diarrhea with one, finally found that she has a "sensitive stomach." I did some experimenting with food and found that she does very well on the cans of Pro Plan, so that's what I've been buying for the last 7 months. However, lately both her and the other barn cat have started to get finicky with it and not eat all of it. Based on my experience with my indoor cats, I'm starting to think they want some variety, but I can't just buy anything because it might cause stomach issues. I used to use Pro Plan and Fancy Feast Medleys, but the Medleys caused stomach issues. Neither cat likes pate, only the food in sauce or gravy.
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