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Need help after going to the vet yesterday

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Yesterday afternoon we took our ~7 month old neutered cat to the vet to be checked for worms and to get his last rabies and distemper shots.
He was negative for worms and he got his shots. Since he's been home, he just isn't himself. He just wants to sleep, doesn't play much.
He is still eating and using the bathroom, but not as interested in food as he normally is.
A co-worker who is a cat fanatic told me that some of her cats feel sick after getting shots. Is this normal? How long should I wait for him to recover?
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cat sick after shots

Yes, it is normal. The vaccine demands a huge response from the immune system, and this can take a lot out of a cat. It's pretty common to see this in kittens and I usually warn owners about this; adult cats seem to take it more in stride (not that adults need shots other than rabies!).

He should be feeling more himself by tomorrow. I wouldn't worry for another day unless he develops worse symptoms (very unlikely).

I recommend getting only one vaccine at a time, with each vaccine 3-4 weeks apart, to minimize this reaction, and allow the immune system to completely process one vaccine (which takes 10-21 days) before it's hit with another one.

Dr. Jean
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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