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Okay suspected the cat may have ingested very little amount of anitfreeze yesterday around noon. Pretty sure she didn't though. So my girlfriend and I called around and nearest hospital was two and half hours. By the time we got there, was told it would be too late, and that the flushing procedure may kill her anyway.

So vet told us over the phone to have her drink Hydrogen Peroxide to make her vomit. Tryed this for an hour (total intake is hard to tell due to spitting/missing her mouth, but attempted roughly 10 tsp's) until she vomited once, but it was ALOT.

So she hasn't shown any signs of antifreeze poisoning (thirst, swaying, etc.). And she's been acting quite normal with the exception of loss of appetite. And she's vomitted three times since yesterday. I know she's slowly getting her appetite cause this morning at 6:30 am I could see a little bit of food in her vomit. And another thing is that I haven't seen her drink at all since trying to force the Peroxide down. And I've tried milk also, which we took her off of and used to love drinking. I'm thinking that her stomach is still upset from the Hydrogen Peroxide and that she needs to drink to flush it out. Can someone please help me with this???

So now I'm getting really worried. This cat (Harley) means quite a bit to my girlfriend and I. Like I said she's acting completely normal with the exception of loss of appetite (which is coming back), and hasn't been drinking anything.

Please help me ASAP!!!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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