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This is continuation from introduction page. This morning somehow Punkin pushed the bedroom screen door open and was in den before I realized it she was not even afraid when she realized Jack was in room and not in cage, she layed down on floor but when he walked by her he jumped on her of course she ran and he chased she tried to get on back of couch but he went too then onto end table knocking things off and glass broken, I got him and put him in separate room with door shut,, cuddled and checked her, she seemed fine and actually not too traumatized she didn't go hide once she got to her safe room like she has before. There were tufts of her hair on floor, I think he is just acting like a juvenile male. Do you think this is the case? Right now she is in cage she actually put herself there(we are having thunder and she is afraid as usual) so I shut the cage and let Jack out of his room, was curious how she'd react when she saw him again but he went straight to her and they touched noses so all seems ok. Do we continue to put them together and let this resolve itself? Need some advice--after this episode this morning my husband said it was time to get rid of him but he changed his mind when Jack got in his lap purring like no other, he is a very affectionate cat with us just wish I could say the same for the two of them.
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Things are still the same, we've had Jack 3 months and still keeping them separate. They have access to each other thru cage and screen door and do paw and play, but Jack will jump on her if we let them together. Do you think that we should just put them together and let them work it out or continue at a snails pace until Jack settles down and or Punkin stands her ground? I hope some of you with experience will help me out.
I've been having a very hard time integrating 3 cats in my home. They're all rescues and have no other option than back to the streets if this doesn't work out.

I've had very little advice that worked, as these situations are very complex and each case so unique.

The things I've learned (the tough way) are to learn from the cats themselves what will work and what won't. If we pay very close attention, we see they do show us. Also: try to be calm yourself, but really from within, find the strength to just let it be, tomorrow may be a better day, and good days may become more the norm. Last, make sure they have vertical places to escape to, apart from the horizontal usual ones such as another room.

In your situation, I might just let them be. Leave all doors open, let them find their safe places, not "put them" here or there. Prince and Princess have found a status quo where the bedroom is only hers, unless the three of us are in it. She doesn't go out of the bedroom, because he attacks her (still, a princely life between soft flannel, feather duvets, the best toys, lavish love and attention, sleeping curled up with mommy all night, and gourmet food, compared to weathering the storms in the streets, hungry, cold, wet, with a skin infection, lonely and MORE scared).

Last week I got a third cat, and things are far from easy. Right now it's doing all I can to avoid having to put her back in the street. I'm watching VERY closely for any signs of things that make things better, to do more of that, and things that make things worse, to prevent those.

One other thing I've learned is that sometimes it's the attacking cat that is more in need of reassurance, not the victim, that's why he's attacking.
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And I might add that it's often jealousy. Often better to do all the loving on with each cat individually out of sight and sound of the others. Then they all think they are special, and they are.....but hey, I know it's hard not to pick favourites.
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