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Hello everyone!

My cat is currently 12 years old and I'm quite worried about him at the moment. He was the last one of his litter and he is a red tabby. He has been through a lot of health problems involving a tumour, an eye operation and teeth problems before. He never seemed to age but lately he has become much slower, he sleeps a lot... and now he barely eats a thing... I'm so worried and I don't know what to do :( I could go to the vet but he is the kind who would as an aweful lot of money for the smallest thing and I can't really afford it at the moment...
He only eats a tiny bit when I feed him with hand and it hurts me to see how weak he has got...
Any ideas?

I know this is a place to introduce yourself but it won't let me access the health part of the forum so I apologize in advance...

I'd be very grateful for any tipp you could give me
Thank you,
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