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Need Litterbox Reviews....

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Okay, so since I'm going to need 2 litter boxes permanently (possibly 3, we'll see how 2 go, since right now they do fine with 2 and then the extra, but its only used when Peanut is in the bathroom at night and when I'm gone or if we go somewhere and she needs to be in the carrier) I am trying to decide what to get? This rolling one has me very intrigued that someone mentioned and someone else said they love. I'm hoping to get pregnant in the near future so I think the rolling one would be great for changing the litter because I'd come in a lot less contact with it, then I do when I'm scooping. So who has it or had it and what do/did you think of it? Here's a link for it, if you want to see it. [ame][/ame]

If you have something else, but you love it, let me know too. I'd love to see several kinds and hear your reviews before I buy.

Right now we have covered one and one open one. I want to replace the open one for sure and possibly the covered one, if I would go with the rolling one.
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Search YouTube for omegapaw. It's the best thing I've ever purchased. I was worried that the entrance was too high for my kitten, but I got him at about 9-10 weeks and he took to it immediately. Might be a little big for peanut right now, but she could use it in no time!

I haven't actually scooped or touched any litter in the month I've had it. It really does work as advertised. If you're planning to get pregnant, I'd just have daddy clean it once a month
That's the one I have (two of them). I quite like it. If the opening is too high for her right now you could always put a red brick in front of it as a step for her.

I love that I don't have to dig and scoop. Just tip it over, thump the bottom a few times and tip it back.
Thanks ladies. Glad to hear it works well. As for Daddy, well he just won't. He doesn't mind the cats/kittens, but won't have anything to do with the litter. If I bought this one though, I could just have the kids empty out the container. It'd be super easy for them and then I wouldn't have to worry about it.
I forgot to add that I got the large size by accident. I wavered back and forth between being horrified at how huge it was and being happy that it will be a nice comfortable roomy place for my kitty.

I've gotten used to it completely, and I don't think it's so freakishly huge anymore, but be warned when you buy. The large really is quite large.

I guess part of it is because 1/4th is blocked off for sifting inside so it makes sense.

Its definitely easy enough for kids of any age to use. If they're old enough to trust not to play with cat poop, they're old enough to scoop this box.

It's enclosed and there's no filter, but I don't notice any smell and I use unscented clumping litter (Dr. Elsey- not the cat attract- just the regular litter). I don't know if that's the litter or the box to thank for that or the fact that it's always so clean because it's so easy to do.

I roll it and empty when I wake up, get home from work, and go to bed. Without fail his majesty is always waiting to christen the now clean box. I don't even think he has to go - I just think he likes watching me work.
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Ya, my boys are 7 and 9 yrs old. I wasn't really comfortable with them scooping, just because I know myself I make a little bit of mess from fallen litter that get scooped but isn't part of the clump. But emptying this would be a breeze for them.
IMO there is no need for a fancy box--most cats don't like covered boxes and let's face it, it takes less than 30 seconds to scoop a box! I also wouldn't trust a 7 or 9 year old to do a good job on a box, period--IMO that's an adult's job. It just takes 1 dirty box for some cats to decide that they'll find someplace else!

Just saw about the pregnancy. IMO hubby needs to get over it and step up. This is part of your being pregnant and he is gonna have to take on a few extra jobs. If it's done at least once a day it takes only a few seconds and isn't nasty at all!

My favorite litterbox:

Cat litter box by Biddy Cat Co.

Large, deep, easy to scoop, and cats love it.

My favorite scoop: Duranimals DuraScoop Cat Litter Scoop (colors may vary): Pet Supplies

Large, strong, sturdy, and *I* love it!
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I think we'll go with the rolling one. Seems so easy and will be easy for the boys to change if I get pregnant. Sure hope it works well.
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