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Hello all, so I need some other opinions as I am ntot sure where to go from here. I have a kitty named Lancelot and he has been PMR fed for almost two years now with no issues. About a week ago he appeared to not be feeling to well, he did not want to eat much, but other then that seemed ok, still playing, purring, not really lethargic, just kinda meh. Late that night he vomitted once, and it smelled funky and had what I think was a hairball or something of that nature in it. It was black and brown and stuck together surrounded by what he had eaten that day (I got him to nibble on some evo and chicken baby food). After that he seemed fine, went back to his normal self except for one thing...

He won' really eat his PMR. He turns his nose up at most of it, he still ate his organs and gizzards and heart, some stuff he will eat, but the ground mix I ussually give at night to mix fish oil into he won't touch. But if I put down evo he gobbles it up (I use it as treats sometimes) or ziwipeak he gobbles up. I went out and bought some stella and chewies dehydrated and he ate that. He won't come out for my husband to feed him (actually ran and hissed at him I was told) but does for me.

Does this sound like he needs the vet or like he has maybe got some learned food aversion or pickiness going on. IE, he had the ground for dinner and didn't feel well the next day therefor now thinks the ground will make him feel sick, is bored with what I have on hand, etc? He has never liked my husband as much as me, so if he has an mealtime aversion it would def be worse with hubby. Since he had that episode I have been worried about him and I also wonder if my stress surrounding his mealtimes is getting to him making him stressed at mealtimes.

anyone have any idea or oppinions?
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