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Needs ideas on intergrating my cats with behavior issues into a home with .....

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Hi all,

I need ideas on integrating my two cats who don't get along, into a home with two existing cats (who adore eachother).

Here is a brief background ( I have posted about my cats issues on here before):

I have two female cats, aged 3 and 4, who cannot be in the same room together. It all started when my 4 year old cat got sick... I took her to the vet and upon arriving home my 3 year old cat freaked out! She was petrified. So basically, I had to start from scratch even though the lived together peacefully before. Because they had gotten off to a bad start it was extremely hard to re-intoduce them. I have seen 3 different vets, one has been on medication and I have tryed all the holistic methods. Both are medically fine.

So I pretty much accepted the fact that it was going to be an extremley long process. Now it has been six months and they can walk past eachother without any attack. So they are making process.... but it has been extremely slow. They are also separated by a door at ALL times unless I am with them.

I am moving in with my boyfriend in May and he has 2 cats. 1 male and 1 female. The male is around 9 years old and the female is around 12 years old. They get along perfectly and have lived in one home their whole lives as well as with only eachother. My cats have been moved around every year and lived with different cats.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I should do this process. I am extremley nervous about integrating them. I am afraid that my boyfriends male cat will not do well with the stress. He starts spraying when something interupts his equillibrium.

I was thinking about moving my 3 year old cat over there a couple months before my 4 year old (she is the dominant one who does the attacking). I figured this way they would maybe forget about eachother and re-introducing them would be easier and it might eliminate the agression between the two....

I am hopeing because my boyfriends house it 3 times bigger than my apartment that their won't be many issues.... since space has been an issue between my cats in the past.

What is everyones ideas?
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I would actually do the opposite. Try introducing the submissive cat first. It has a higher chance of working and doing so relatively quickly. If you intro the dominant one first and it doesn't go well, you'll be dealing with two intros at once when you add the submissive one back in to the equation.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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