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Neighborhood boy

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So, Ive been feeding this feral male for months now. I call him monkey or monkey butt, depending. He's gotten used to seeing me and hearing my voice. He doesn't run when he sees me; he just ducks under a bush and watches me intently while I put his food out.

Recently I ran out of Apollos old kibble, so I've been giving the feral Evolution canned that Apollo can't eat. It warms my heart to watch the boy give himself a long bath after his meal.

I've tried to put a little towel out for him, but he walks around it. Is there anything I can do?
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You could build him a little outdoor house and put some nice straw in it. :) That would hold heat way better than blankets or towels. Here are a few pages on making them:

The Very Best Cats: How to Make a Winter Shelter for an Outdoor Cat

Feral Cat Shelters
He will come around in time. It might take months or even a year, but it sounds like he is making progress already.
The best thing you can do for him is get him fixed. Personally, I would wait until he's tamer, because in the state he's in now, once you released him he might not return.
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