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Nervous About Neutering

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Well, its finally time for Psi to get neutered. He's getting it done on Thursday. I'm really nervous about it...

I want to take him in the earliest I possibly can and they said we can pick him up between 4 and 5 in the afternoon. What can I expect after his surgery? What is the schedule of him "waking up"? How long until I should worry about his grogginess and when will he be expected to be back to eating/drinking/peeing/pooing and just being Psi again? Will it be okay for me to leave him alone on Friday morning for a few hours when I go to school? I have to leave again Friday afternoon for a few hours too but I'll be able to check on him after school, will he be okay all alone? I plan to stay up with him all through Thursday night. He'll have stitches, right? How long until they will come out or will the dissolve? Will he have to wear a hood so that he doesn't pick at them?

Okay, I know I asked 500 questions but please help me feel better about this!!!

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Kitty was already neutered when I got him, so I don't have experience with males....but I did have Yoda spayed. She had a little bald spot on her tummy and stitches. For some reason, he didn't make her wear that cone thing. She was a bad girl and did bite at the stitches a little, but I was home with her to make her stop. I had her spayed in the winter--it was cute because her little bald belly was cold, so she kept wanting to lay on me to keep it warm. ::))
I hope Psi will be ok. He may just still be out of it from the surgery. I wonder if he is shaky from not eating? I guess I wouldn't want to eat either if someone did that to me. :shock: Please keep us posted on how he is doing!
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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