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Nervous About Neutering

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Well, its finally time for Psi to get neutered. He's getting it done on Thursday. I'm really nervous about it...

I want to take him in the earliest I possibly can and they said we can pick him up between 4 and 5 in the afternoon. What can I expect after his surgery? What is the schedule of him "waking up"? How long until I should worry about his grogginess and when will he be expected to be back to eating/drinking/peeing/pooing and just being Psi again? Will it be okay for me to leave him alone on Friday morning for a few hours when I go to school? I have to leave again Friday afternoon for a few hours too but I'll be able to check on him after school, will he be okay all alone? I plan to stay up with him all through Thursday night. He'll have stitches, right? How long until they will come out or will the dissolve? Will he have to wear a hood so that he doesn't pick at them?

Okay, I know I asked 500 questions but please help me feel better about this!!!

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It sounds like after effects from the anesthetic. I certainly hope so! Give us the latest news, ok?
He's doing good! Not totally back to normal - he isn't as nimble or active but that's to be expected. He is eating/drinking/using litterbox and purring and being cuddly. I'm so happy!

Well Maleke, at any rate, this thread will help you know what to expect. I hope your kitten's neutering is a success as well
Wonderful, Tanyuh! Glad to hear he is doing well! :D
That's great, Tanyuh! He smells funny to Samhain. Rub her down really well with a towel, and then rub him with the towel, back and forth a couple of times so they have the same smell. I'm glad now that the vet kept my pets overnight!
Thanks guys!

I will try the scent mixing later tonight. She is getting better but she sniffs his bum hehe, then he says "hey, what's the deal??" and turns around and glares at her and then she hisses at him. You'd think after over 3 months she'd be used to his butt smell by now.

Jeanie, the reason they don't keep them overnight is because its a specific spay and neuter place for strays and such. The adoption agency had us bring him there so that they could ensure that we had him neutered. It was in our adoption contract and the cost was part of the adoption fee. I was going to just bring him to our vet but they charge $250 for neuter (why so expensive, i have *no* idea) and then we had already paid $100 for the adoption fee anyway.
That is expensive!
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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