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Hi all,

Pleasure to make your virtual acquaintance and I hope I can lean on some of your experience with my issue.

I have two ragdolls - the first cats I've ever owned.
1x 14 month old girl - Cleo
1x 12 month old boy - Theo

Neither have been spayed/neutered yet (we want them to have one litter before doing so).

Cleo an absolute queen.

Theo is a beaut but is extremely nervous. When we first got him he was super confident and explored everywhere (and was completely non-plussed by Cleo's attempts to apparently kill him in his first few weeks with us). Since then they've become best friends but do end up with Theo chasing Cleo most days for a short spell.

He's very affectionate and spends most evenings in my wife's arms, lying on his back and getting tummy rubs. Over recent months though he has become extremely scared of a lot of things.

He runs away when I walk towards him most times. He runs when the door bell rings and hides under our bed.

Whilst they're supposed to be indoor cats we started letting them out about 6-7 months ago and during summer they'd spend hours outside.

Recently Theo seemingly befriended a neighbourhood tabby and was playing with her. However in the last couple of weeks he's ended up running back in doors and growling at her whenever she's near him. She isn't being aggressive from what I've seen but he panics and sprints back in the house after making some noises at her that I've never heard him do before.

I'm starting to think it's because he hasn't been spayed and he's finding the stress of wanting to mate too much to cope with. Cleo had one heat cycle about 6 weeks ago and, bless Theo, he tried but had no clue what he was doing. Now he basically spends a short time every evening trying to hump a blanket whilst kneading on it.

These cats are spoiled rotten by my wife and I. They are left alone maybe once every 1-2 weeks for a couple of hours (we plan our working from home schedule around them so they're never alone). They are absolutely showered with love.

And with all this when I'm in bed he will gladly come and lie on my chest, but if I'm standing up he's scared.

Has anyone had this issue with their cat? Should I just give up on wanting them to have a litter and get them both spayed/neutered?

He's getting progressively worse. We recently took Cleo for a check up at the vet's and took him with as we never split them up, but even though Cleo was fine with being checked over, Theo spent the time crouched down really low as if he was trying to be invisible.

He's also been doing his business a few times recently in our bath even though he has 3x well kept litter trays right next to it.

If any of this resonates with you please do let me know and I would appreciate any tips you may have on the matter.

Many thanks
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