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New babies

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I don't have photos yet. But I am so excited about these guys. For Christmas my husband and I adopted two brothers from a shelter. They are about a year old. They were given up due to the owners illness. They are part Norwegian Forest cat and Maine ****. We named them Zeke and Jack. We have only had them a short while but they are great. We are so attached I cannot imagine what I did before them. Pictures coming soon
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Hello there and welcome to the forum! That is exciting news about your new babies! Looking forward to seeing you and them around the forum :)
Congratulations! You're going to have two very large cats. Those are the two largest breeds. I'll bet they're sweet, though. Welcome to the site. There's a forum for saying "Hi." It's called "Say Meow."
Congrats on the new family members!
Yay! I'm sure they're happy to be with their new family members too. I can't wait to see some pictures, they sound lovely :wink:
Lotta hair, lotta cat! Have fun! I adore Maine Coons and NFCs -- great combination. I have a cat named Jack too. Post pictures soon, I can't wait to see them!
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