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I dont know a great deal, but it looks very impressive.

wait until you see the price tho....

At work we got some new treats in, called thrive. 100% chicken, fish or prawn which ever you choose. I opened the prawn one expecting to see little cubes of mush, but WOW was I surprised when I saw proper prawns in there!
I bought the fish one and my cats LOVE it, and its pure fish in there!
I checked out thier website, there are a few bits missing still as it is all new, but thier food ingredients look amazing!

Fresh meat (chicken, turkey, duck, lamb, tripe, liver) 75%
vegetables (sweetcorn, carrots and peas) 17%
bran 6%
natural plant-based antioxidants 2%

Do they look good? I dont know a lot about covering up stuff but at a glance I thought it was good!

Thrive is made using only real, fresh ingredients, selected by our veterinarians to provide the right nutrient balance. The highest quality raw chicken, turkey, duck, lamb, tripe and liver is combined with fresh sweetcorn, carrots and peas, plus a little bran for roughage, then simply minced. The resulting product is then mixed with a simply baked additive-free wheat biscuit to create a delicious blend that cats find irresistible. Trust us, you don't know what goes into most other cat foods.
We don't mess about with thrive. We don't use high temperature processing, which destroys the nutrient content of food. We don't extrude it into cute shapes, then spray it with flavour enhancers and the vitamins and minerals lost during manufacturing. We prefer to work with nature, providing your cat with the right level of protein, fats, minerals and essential fatty acids, together with the antioxidants, digestive enzymes and beneficial phytochemicals which are vital for a long an healthy life.

Now the scary part.... the price-
Thrive CAT FOOD Tub 1 Kg
8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O

Altho they do say on there this-
Unlike other cat foods, we use a preserving method called freeze drying. It simply removes the water without destroying the product's active nutrients, leaving them in their natural form and the food structure unchanged. That's why it's often used for baby foods. It also means you can feed your cat a smaller volume of food, which is much healthier. At first it may not seem much. But because there's more nutrients and their digestive system can access them more easily, you can rest assured they're getting all the nourishment they need from Thrive. In fact one 175g box contains the equivalent of over eight 100g cans of normal food. So say hello to your new cat. We think you'll notice the difference.
I dont think i will be buying a box, waaaay to expensive for me, BUT I think the treats are fatastic, and my cats love them!

the website is

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hm... it sounds interesting. I'm not good at converting money. Any idea about how many American dollars that would be?

I've always wondered about freeze dried food though. Do you moisten it before you feed it to your pets or do they eat it dry? I'd imagine if they eat it dry they'd be need a lot more water...

anyone use freeze dried food?
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