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Hello all, Just wanted to ask if Purina One cat food regular is good? I have found this one works well with my cat, I switched him the next day and he just gobbles it up. Just asking, and thanks for replying. Meow Meow!!

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Well I have found it on a list of 3 catagories of which I selected this from. I use to feed him IAMS. I have looked for the others that I saw posted on this forum, but I cant find any in the first list. SO I thought this food was ok to eat, this is from the " whats in cat food"

Any help would be great. And I dont want to order on line. to order from the states to canada, costs alot.

Frist Grade Cat Food:
Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul - Adult, Kitten
Evolve - Kitten, Maintenance
Holistic Blend
Natural Balance
Newman's Own Organics - Cat/Kitten
Solid Gold
California Natural
TimberWolf Organics - Serengeti Herbal

Second Grade Cat Food:
Nature's Recipe - Adult
Sensible Choice
Lick Your Chops
Natures Variety

Third Grade Cat Food:
Breeders Choice - Avo-Derm
Bil - Jac
Eagle Pack
Flint River Ranch
Natural Life - Adult, Kitten
Nutro Max
Nutro Natural Choice
Premium Edge
Pro Pac
Pro Plan
Purina ONE
Royal Canin
Wysong - Uretic, Vitality
Maxximum Nutrition

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I was haveing this same discusion last week. :) I am glad be of some help..
Ok the fact that you are concerned is the most impportant thing. Any of the foods on that list are great foods. Some are better quality than others that is all. It is kinda like the difference between water and evian. They are both the same thing, evian has just been through some more filters right?
I think if your kitty is eating purina one and it is convenient for you he will be just fine. Purina one is a much better food for your cat than any ol thing.
Alot of cats eat store brand food and live long and healthy lifes. We can only do as much as we can, if your kitty is healthy and likes his food that is all that matters.

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I used to feed Proplan and if thats all you can find is Purine one, that is pretty good food. There are better out there, but you can find a small petstore around your area and perhaps find some of the foods you listed above. I currently changed to Chicken Soup and Felidae and my cats both love it too.

I believe you can also buy Blue from Petsmart but regardless, if your kitty likes Purina One, stick with it! :D

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I personally choose to dish out the extra money on Wellness, (near $30 for a 16lb bag), but that's just me. I realize most people don't want to do that.

Purina One is just fine, my mom has used it for years with good results. She mixes both the hairball and the urinary tract formula. You don't have to feed your cats the best food on earth to be a good cat owner. :) (Though occasionally someone will make you feel that way.)

Yes, there are better than Purina One, but it's better than most. :D

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Padunk: yesssh! yeah about the food comment, too many people have forgotten that by making someone feel really bad about something they are doing "wrong" is mostly only going to scare them away from seeking further information and help.

I'll only give someone a hard time if they are feeding their cat rice and bannana peals. ;)

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AngelZoo said:
I'll only give someone a hard time if they are feeding their cat rice and bannana peals. ;)
Good idea :wink:

I just hate for someone to feel bad about feeding their cats Purina One. I think they should know that there are better foods, but that their choice in food is okay

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I tried about 3 brands of wetfood for my cat- Friskies, 9 Lives, and Alpo.
He HATES 9 lives...won't even eat it if i mix in tuna fish. Alpo's not great, he barely eats it...with tuna fish!I find that he loves Friskies and his coat stays good, along with his teeth, bones, muscles, etc. I just buy him friskies cause he enjoys it so much... and I enjoy that his health stays good! So that's all for the wet ffod!

Now, dry food-
I tried about 4 brands-Meow Mix, Chef's Blend, Whiskas, and normal Friskies. He throws up every time he eats meow mix, so that's adefinite no! Average Friskies is ok, though he doesn't like it too much. Whiskas is pretty good, he likes it but its a little more expensive than the other brands. Chef's Blend is really good too, so i buy him that. He seems to like it and I think it's the best.
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