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New cat introduced in the house

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I have 3 cats ranging in age from 9 yrs to 15 yrs old... they have all lived in my house for years with no problems. Recently I brought a 3 yr old cat into the house to live... its been months now and the new cats is still getting into fights with two of the cats that were her before - and this morning my cat had a big scratch on her nose from the fight. Is this normal? How much longer will it take for them all to be friends?
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My mom has a half siamese female, and my kitty lived with my mom for 3 months, and they never go along. Some cats just never get to liking each other. There's nothing you can do except leave them alone. If they start fighting when you're around, try spraying them with a water bottle, so that they know that behaviour is unacceptable.
Sometimes it takes a long time for resident cats to even tolerate a new one. Take it slow and watch for real fighting. Scratches can get infected. Usually there are "mock" fights to establish the pecking order. Feliway might help. If it's really bad, you might want to use a cage for a while.

Make sure they have the same scent. Put a bit of vanilla on the back of every cat's neck.
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