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Hi there....

I'm excited to get started in here - learning from others, sharing some of our own tricks n tips, showing off our babies (it's allowed to put pics of our kitties??)

We have 3 kitties, 2 of which are rescues. We love our babies as if they were our children (yeah I'm sure many others feel the same way - they ARE our babies after all.

It's so funny, when talking with friends as they tell stories abt their children (I'm talking abt actual human children) "oh this one did this" or "this one is having a play date.....n on & on & on.... Then I have cute stories abt our kitties, since you all know they each have their own I go along telling some story and as I hear the words come out of my mouth, I'm suddenly feeling, wondering... 'have I turned into one of those people?' 'Am I turning into the cat lady' that many people tease abt...

so yeah, guess I'm trying to say, Hello, I'm looking forward to becoming friends here and I love my kitties dearly!!!!!

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