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New from UK

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Hi, I'm new

My partner and I have just adopted Jimmy, a very handsome ginger and white longhair. He used to belong to our neighbour, but she became too frail to cope on her own and had to go into a home.

Poor Jimmy was very confused at first - he used to sit outside pawing at her door. But now he's accepted his new home, and he loves to play.
We said we'd never allow him on the bed - but guess what, he sleeps on our bed every night. I'm so thrilled to have Jimmy, as I haven't had a cat for nearly 20 years. It's great to have a little companion again.

I was delighted to find this forum - all those cat lovers and photos
I don't have the technology to post photos yet, as I'm writing from work.

Best wishes to all you cat lovers.
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lol good luck on keeping a cat off the bed. :lol:

welcome to cat forum.
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