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New from UK

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Hi, I'm new

My partner and I have just adopted Jimmy, a very handsome ginger and white longhair. He used to belong to our neighbour, but she became too frail to cope on her own and had to go into a home.

Poor Jimmy was very confused at first - he used to sit outside pawing at her door. But now he's accepted his new home, and he loves to play.
We said we'd never allow him on the bed - but guess what, he sleeps on our bed every night. I'm so thrilled to have Jimmy, as I haven't had a cat for nearly 20 years. It's great to have a little companion again.

I was delighted to find this forum - all those cat lovers and photos
I don't have the technology to post photos yet, as I'm writing from work.

Best wishes to all you cat lovers.
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Hey Ioana,
its great to hear that you are fine.
I'm also looking forward to the holidays,
then everybody is freindly and it is very cosy at home with the cat
and with good food…
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