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New guy on the block

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Well I'm registering here because I'm getting a siberian kitten in april 2th and i want to know everything about cats since this is my first pet. And I was researching something about raw food but the vet says that is bad because all the bacterias. So I went to another vet and they say to me that giving raw food was old and dry is better. :S
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welcome!! hope to see pics of the kitty when you get one.

There is a really good raw forum here and some knowledgeable people to help out. Unfortunately most vets are not very well educated in animal nutrition, what little they have is usually from the very pet food manufacturers they carry stock from. There is actually very little bacteria concern for your pets from raw IF you do not let it sit out, ect. take the basic precautions.

Your are more apt to find a pro raw vet if you look for a Holistic one. or like most of the people here, just don't bring it up often on the visits. My vet has never recommended raw feeding but she isn't against it. She has been considering it more often for allergy cases. which is a step in the right direction IMO.
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