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Hello everyone,

I'm Nikkie and my fur kids are Sarah (a 5yr old female maine ****), Moo Moo (a 7 month old female short hair cow looking kitty) & Totzy (a 7 month old male Med/long hair solid black).

Sarah was rescued from animal control by me when she was just 8 weeks old, no one wanted what they thought was a long hair tabby so she was put on the kill list. I went looking for an adult cat but when I found her & heard of her death I couldn't leave her there. Lets just say to my shock & surprise 5 years later she is a 35lb giant! Not fat but just massive, most people see her & have instant fear due to her size but she is a mushy baby who thinks she is small enough to carry around! I was told she is Maine **** by my vet who cannot believe her size, I guess she is the size of a large male :)

Totzy was also a rescue but from a woman who had a disaster of a time, she ran over a adult cat & got out to see if there was any hope for the cat when these 5 tiny kittens were heard near by. She assumed she ran over mom so she took the little ones home & cared for them till they were old enough to find a home. Yet again all his brothers & sisters found homes but no one wanted the solid black kitty :( My friend called & told me about him & I picked him up later that night before he was dropped off at the pound the next day. He is my talker, he runs around making all sorts of crazy noises all day long. He is such a joy to have & I love having an over talkitive spaz in my house :)

Moo Moo !! Where to start, well Moozy Poo found me I guess you can say. She was lucky she was abandon on my porch & not someone elses. I came home one day to the normal 2 cats in the windows sunbathing. I'm guessing someone must have saw my 2 babies in the windows & thought my house was a good spot to leave her. I walked up on my porch to see a box taped shut with nothing on it but there was a hole in the side. I was a bit freaked out by it honestly, didn't know what was in there! Well I called my husband at work & when I started talking this box meowed like crazy & a paw shot out the hole!! I hung up on my hubby after saying "nevermind kitten" & took the box inside to my bathroom. I untaped the box to find a baby cow inside :) lol... She was in bad shape, covered in fleas, bloated from worms & a mess of runny stool filled with blood so off to the vet we went. After lots of meds, almost losing her & much love she became one of the family very quickly! Lets just say Moo Moo & I have a special bond, she must think I'm the mommy or is so happy to still be alive because she is at my side 24/7. She is my girl, rubbing her face on mine hours a day, kissing my face other hours a day & sleeps on my pillow every night. I have never had an overbareing cat like this, she is amazing.

So those are my fur kids & I'm the crazy mom who I guess has a heart too big to have said no to any of these guys! I love them to death & wouldn't let them go for the world :)
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