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New here....looking for help

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So I am brand new to the forums here. I signed on because my amazing boy Simba was just diagnosed w CRF, this past Monday and I'm lost! If anyone can give me any insight, tips, and most especially HOPE, I would greatly appreciate it!!
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Hi Elynn and welcome to the forum. I would ask for help in the "Health and Nutrition" topic. I am sorry to hear that friend has CRF. I only know it is a problem with the kidneys. I would say there is a 99% chance someone on this forum has dealt with or is dealing with CRF.

How old is Simba? I would love to see some pictures on the "Meet my Kitty" topic. If you need a hand posting pics let me know thru a private message if you like and I can walk you thru the process. Take care, I look forward to seeing some more posts from you.
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