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New here

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Hi all, another newbie here. My 2 cats are Cosmo (almost 7) and Zoe (just turned 3), both b&w tuxedo kitties. I also volunteer with a local cat rescue group. Looking forward to reading everyone's posts!
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glad to have you here aniela, cosmo and zoe! i think that's great that you volunteer with the rescue group, too!
Hello Aniela, Cosmo and Zoe! I'm new here too, thanks for volunteering for the kitties!
Hi and welcome. My kitties are black (Lickorish) and black & white(Squeek), but not tuxedo...looking forward to pics! My kitties were both rescues so keep up the good work!
I plan to get an all black kitten. Not sure if that is the same as a tuxedo.
Gotta love em tux kitties.

Thats a stray one near my house that's really shy.

I named it 'Tux' :razz:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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