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New here

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Hello everyone I'm new. I just bought my first cat ever. I bought a 7 week old maine **** kitten. I have pictures from the day he was born and every week after. I've never owned a cat and always thought I disliked him, but I wanted a new baby and didn't want another dog.

I have a 4lbs chihuahua/pom mix named Gigi.
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Congrats on your new kitty. I too never thought I was a cat person until my fur baby appeared but he has been the best discovery I have ever made!
I had a maine **** growing up....she was the most special cat I've ever had, and bonded with me very tightly. You're in for a fun ride.
Hey, I'm new on here too and its nice to meet you :D
And cats are a delight to have around and can be quite comical.
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