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New here...

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We are new here. My family and I just got a tiny kitten yesterday. We were told she was 6-7 wks, but later was told by someone else she's only 3-4 wks? We've had kittens in the past and she seems really small. Okay questions to come in the proper area of the forum.
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She is eating, but it doesn't seem as much today. Yesterday I got her to eat about 8 tsps of mixed kitten replacement formula and crushed cat food soaked in it. Today she hasn't seemed interested in eating the soaked, crushed cat food at all, but will lap up the formula a little, better if its just formula, no milk. She's just barely got her baby teeth and can walk around, but doesn't move too quickly and is a little shakey when she moves about, especially on our hard wood floors. She's been pretty good about using her litter box when she's in her box, but has peed a few times when out of her box and so didn't use her box. She has pooped twice too. I have had her since Friday afternoon. I just worry she's not eating enough. She only stays interested at the dish for a few minutes and then moves away. Sometimes I can get her to eat a little off a plastic spoon, sometimes she won't even off that. She has been sleeping a lot and doesn't meow a lot, so I am thinking maybe she is gettine enough? Kids are attached so I'd hate to lose her. :(
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She needs to see a vet ASAP. Other than that, try mixing the milk replacer with canned food instead of crushed up dry food. A kitten that young should be eating every few hours.
I started feeding her just the milk replacement and using a syringe and she laps it right off, eating about 2-3 tsp at each feeding. She's active and playful this afternoon. She's playing the the camera bag strap and anything she notices. She's peed twice in her litter box and pooped once again today. She's doing well. Just wondering how much she should be eating at each feeding and total for the day. Also my sister is bringing her gram scale tomorrow, how much should she weigh? I am going to weigh her every few days to make sure she's gaining, but she seems to be doing quite well. She's alert, active and playful. I call her my little duckling because she follows me everywhere I go!! seems she is definitely too young to be away from her mom. I mean if she's 1 month old, she's just a baby. I'm sorry.

But don't despair. Smaller kittens have been rescued and they have survived with proper care.

I'd suggest, first of all, to take her to a vet asap. Kittens can fade away really quickly, just within hours. So a vet checkup is a great idea now.

Second, feed her as much as she can. I suggest you stop with the crunched dry food and get her a high protein canned food. This doesn't mean you have to feed her that through her entire life, but this few weeks are crucial and she needs to be fed the best food she can, considering mom is not around to nurse her anymore. I've fed abandoned kittens with Hill's prescription a/d, is not really a great food but it is great to help growing kittens. You can even mix it with some water, and put it inside a syringe, but I bet she's ready to start eating that from a dish and you won't need the syringe.

Third she needs to be warm, so maybe a heated bed of some sort, it could just be a hot water bottle.

Good luck with everything, if anything just let us know, there are many people here who can help with good advice ;)

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Aw, that's great that she is doing so well! I am glad that she found someone who cares so much about her well being, sounds like she probably had a pretty rough start in life. Its hard to say how much she should be eating especially since you don't know her exact age, but hopefully someone else on here will be able to give you a better idea.
Thank you everyone. I'm going to post my next question over in Health and Nutrition. :)
I am new here as well. I am from Wales. We love cats in Wales.
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