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New Kitten and 1yr old Cat

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If all goes to plan I should be getting a young kitten in the next week or two. I am wondering how I will go about feeding her and my 1yr old cat, Emmy. The wet food I have always fed Emmy is supposed to be for all life stages so can I just use that for the kitten as well? I can get some cans of kitten food as well no problem, just wondering if I could use Emmy's canned food. Emmy is also still on kitten dry food as there is a lot left so I'll have that for the kitten. It won't be bad for Emmy to keep her on the kitten dry food will it? I know the kitten will need to be and I leave dry out during the day so there would be no real way to prevent them from eating the same food except for when I feed canned in the AM and PM.
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