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i got a male kitten from a friend who's 2 cats had babies. i've had him for a month or so now. he's about 3 or 4 months old.
he sucks on my ears a lot, while kneading, with his claws out, on my neck and face. i'm told this was because he was weaned too early. it wouldn't be too much of a problem, but i often have to wake up real early for work, and him sucking, or trying to suck on my earlobes keeps me up at night. i've tried letting him suck on my earlobes before bed, like, right now, as i am typing. but he still seems to want to suck when i want to sleep. and i don't want to lock him out, cause his food and water and litterbox are in my bedroom. and i like him.
i have a friend who's cat did the same thing, and she somehow got her cat to suck on a cloth at night instead of her. she's kind of a hard friend to get in touch with, so i thought it'd try the internet.
any suggestions??

someone suggested i trim his claws, but i feel bad about that, cause it's not just the claws, it's the sucking noises, too. plus, he loves to cling and run upsidown under the futon, and climb up high pieces of furniture. he's a great cat. wicked social, and never in a nasty mood. and since i've had him, he's ONLY peed and pooed in the litterbox! knock on wood.
but, some suggestions would be great. thanks!
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