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New kitten owner

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Hi, I'm Kbug. I'm a new kitten owner. I've had cats that were ages 9 mo to 2 years before, but this is the first time I've had really young kittens. The first cat I had was when I was a kid and my parents decided I was allergic and so they re-homed the cat to a family friend that had cats. The second cat I've owned we got because my 4 year old wanted a cat. I had a staunch 4 animal limit at the time and then we had to suddenly put down one of our dogs so after a few weeks I gave in and we went and picked out a cat from the local shelter. We had the cat for about 2 months. She was a great cat, she tolerated my 4 year old great, wasn't very snuggly but she was very loyal and dog-like and she definitely considered me "her human" and slept at my feet every night. My 4 year old tried to hold her down once and she didn't scratch or bite. Anyway, the one problem with this cat was that she rushed the door trying to go outside. Once she did this at dusk and I couldn't find her and she didn't come home. Since we live in a rural area I assume a dog or a coyote got her. We were very upset she didn't come home.

Anyway, my daughter kept asking to get another cat. I spent some time looking at some older rescues but I couldn't find a suitable cat. My husband suggested we look at getting a pair of kittens from the same litter, so we did. We've had Zeke and Zoey for 4 days now and things seem to be going great so far. They are 7 weeks old and they mostly use their litterbox and they don't seem overly terrified of my 4 year old, in fact they will actively play on/around/with her but don't snuggle with her yet. The previous owner said that he didn't really do much with them because he didn't want to get attached. He owned mom because his niece didn't want her anymore and so he took her. Zeke is a black tabby and white and Zoey is a blue and cream calico with tabby markings. I'm really amazed at how much they've opened up in the last 2 days......they already come to me when they are ready for a nap and snuggle in my lap.

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