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Hi Roxxi,
I hope you will come back to the forum with good news on Bella.
I have found my last kitty, Cheerio in the yard with URI.
After having trapped her I took her to the vet with sneezing, watery eyes and a bad wheezing sound coming from her chest. It was so painful to watch her fighting for each breath with her chest going up and down.
I have got antibiotic for her and flea medicine (revolution). Came home gave her a good bath and made sure the room was warm at all times. I actually moved upstairs with her and kept her under close observation for almost a week. She was quiete bony so the vet gave me the science hills diet canned food. Cheerio looked pretty bad in the beginning also. I burst into tears at the vet thinking this would be another kitty for me to burry. Fate had something else instore for me - I bonded with her instead and she is now my second baby, 100%healthy. I wish you both the best. Just don't give up and administrate the antibiotic on a regular basis as part of the plan. She knows you love her and that will give her more strength
Big hugs from Cheerio and I :)
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