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new kitten won't come out from under the sofa

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so i just adopted a 6mo kitten two days ago. for the first day or so i kept her in the bathroom to acclimate her. today while i was gone at work i let her free around the apartment.

now, she's hiding under the couch and won't come out.

what should i do?

should i try to force her out or let her come out on her own time?

i've read that you need to acclimate kittens from as early as possible so they are used to being handled by you, but i've also read that you shouldn't try to force them to do anything they aren't comfortable doing.

i'm concerned that she won't find her litterbox/food/water etc.

what to do? please help!

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Hehe... this thread brings back memories! When I first brought my 8-week old kittens home, as soon as I opened the door of their carrier, they made a beeline for the sofa. They came out VERY cautiously a couple of hours later - but that was only to gobble up the bowl of food I'd put down, then rush back behind the sofa. Funny little things. Don't worry about it, she will come out in time.
And... welcome to the Forum!
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