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Hello everyone,

I am not new to this forum as I have been lurking for awhile whenever I have a cat question that needs answered.

For a little history...I live in a 6th floor studio apartment in the city and was a father to 2 little wonderful boy kittehs. About 3 weeks ago I lost my 11 month old kitten to feline leukemia (my other is a healthy 2 year old boy). This incident has been pretty tough on myself as well as my other cat as he got used to having a little brother around and looking after him.

As of yesterday I adopted a little kitten that is approximatley 2-4 months old from my uncle who lives in the country and cares for several stray animals. His name is Wallace and he was born of a stray mother whom was only 6-8 months old at the time. He seems to be very close to me when he wants to be and purrs whenever we lay together or i hold him next to my chest and pet him. Other than this he is hiding under chairs or the bed. My eldest cat is very curious of him and trys to smell him but also gives him a good bop on the head and hisses at him. I am sure this is just Seamus (elder cat) being protective and territorial but how can i easily integrate this new kitty into our life? I have setup a small portion of cat food (that I wetted with warm water), water and a tiny cat box for him under the bed where his main domain is. I plan to extend it past this area as he gets comfortable with his surroundings.

Other than that I have never dealt with cats that are this timid, I am mostly just wondering how I can integrate him comfortably and happily. I am also somewhat protective of him now that I lost such a young kitten for the first time in my life. I have always grown up with dogs and cats and am just out of my element with these recent situations. Thanks for any help. :)
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