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I think a smaller room would be best to begin with, make sure they have some toys to amuse themselves.

Also if you are going to be about for the first few days of them being home, then place them in there litter tray a few days a day. Just so that they get used to it.

What often happens is kittens are left to wonder too much and then cannot find there try and so you are left with a problem of a cat soiling on your carpet.

For the first few days, left them get comfortable with you, as they will be scared.

Another good trick is once they have got used to you, is when you are picking them up, make them lie on their backs while you rub there tummy, this then gets them used to be placed like this and a kitten will learn that nothing bad is going to happen to them when you do this. A adult cat would not be so easy to persuade that this will not harm them.

All in all, I am sure you will do fine.
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