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New Kitty! Any tips on introductions?

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I just got a kitten from work. One of the vets found them, they were strays, but have come around nicely. Anyway, they were in need of homes and Dave agreed that we could get another cat. He's home now, and Sage is being decent, she's not attacking him or anything, but she wants nothing to do with him, which I know is common. She hisses if he gets too close and observes him from her cat post which is on a "breakfast bar" type of counter that is in between the kitchen and computer room that he can not reach. I know eventually they will get along fine, Sage is only a little over a year old, so she is young enough to adjust. But any tips on making her feel more comfortable? I gave her treats and a can of wet food all to herself to make her feel like she's still loved (which she is). I know I can't hurry the process of them getting to know each other, but I just would like some tips, stories, opinions, etc. THANKS!!! :D

(PS - Wanted to add that the kittens have been there at the vet under observation for almost 2 weeks now and have been tested for FIV, FELV, and worms. Shots come next week, yay, the fun part :roll:, lol, they are 8 weeks old)
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Wow, these 2 won't get that close yet. Sage has just finally come on to the floor and she growls at him and hisses still. And he thinks he's tough and hisses back. *sigh* Hopefully they will grow out of it. I guess her coming down to the floor is progress though right? :?
Well, no improvement really, I tried holding the kitten on one side of me and petting Sage who was on the other side of me and Sage scratched me. I think I'm going to put her softpaws back on her to be safe. She tries to scratch everything when the kitten is around, even the dog. So I don't want anyone getting scratched badly. I hope things improve, we have this kitten as a "trial run" right now and if Sage is too distraught we'll have to give him back to the vet. Although I know it can take long, I don't see one good sign, how long does it normally take for 2 cats to get along?

PS - Does anyone think Feliway would help?
I don't really have any rooms to seperate them. The only room I can close off is the bathroom, which is where the kitten stays at night. Sage has been very curious about him recently. She was even on the floor following him, but not getting too close, and this morning she let me pet her without growling and even lifted her bum like normal when I pet her. It may be only a little step, but that's still good to me. :D
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