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new kitty question

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Hello all – I’m new to this site, but a question prompted me to search you out.

We recently adopted (2 weeks ago) a new kitten to keep our 2-year-old cat company. The new girl is now 12 weeks old and she and our other cat have really started to get along well. You know, running around chasing each other and wrestling.

My question is a strange sleeping habit the new one (Kuka) has. She seems to be suckling on herself…curls up in a ball and attaches to her own tiny teats as if searching for milk. Coming from a shelter, we have no idea how old she was before being separated from her mother. I was just wondering if anyone else had seen this behavior before, and if so, is there something we can do to make her feel better, safer, etc…

thanks for any and all responses…

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I know my new kitten (about 8-9 weeks old) curls up into a ball and will bring her back legs up to her mouth, although she doesn't look like she is suckling on it. I know my kitten is very attached to me (we got her a couple of weeks ago, very young) and I guess I assumed the role of her mother. It doesn't sound bad, sorry I dont have any answers.
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