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We have a male cat about 4 years old who is a Siamese tabby mix. We had a basket of laundry that laid on and there was a dryer sheet in it which I believed he laid his head on.

He woke up and jumped up and took off running around the house and shaking his head while disorientated. We took a damp cloth and rubbed him down. He seems to be better, but occasionally will wake up and take off running. His ears also twitch and he does scratch them and shakes his head. He occasionally also sneezes briefly when waking up.

We recently gave him Advantage and we have been keeping him inside. We are wondering if it is ear mites that might be part of the problem and possibly a reaction to allergies or the fabric sheet.

We are taking him in to the vet on Monday, but would like to see if anyone else has had this problem happen with their cat being exposed to a fabric sheet and what they did about it.


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