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Hey everyone!

Where to start.....

I live in the midwest, as you could tell by my title:D

I've had cats and kittens all my life, from barn cats to house cats.
I've had my share of litters in the past, 4 to be exact.

I've never been much of a cat person, I liked them, but never really loved them. Until recently, after a cat my family has owned for 13+ years had to be put to sleep. It was a heart break for the family, but I felt the house needed a cat.

I got a kitten off of CL and he's been a handful, but a great cat. I wanted another kitten, so I got him a younger playmate. Sadly, the playmate ran away a few months ago. We think someone picked him up and took him in as he has never been seen again.

J.D. (which is short for John Deere) is my pride and joy, though at times I've just about had enough with him.

Hope to better understand cats and share my love for them with others :)
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