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I am new to this forum, and I will try to read most of the messages before I start to post myself, so for now I just want to tell you a bit about me and my cats.
I live in Norway and am the proud owner to two Norwegian Forest Cats. both about 10 months now. One male, Johnny. He is a brown mackarel tabby with white. And Ronja, the girl is a black tortoiseshell smoke with white (very little white). These are my first cats, and I plan to breed when time comes (when Ronja is old enough), and maybe Johnny will be allowed to be a father. My cattery name is (N)Ruskekatten's. You can read more about my kitties on my website. There are also lots of photos and a few video clips.

I like to train the cats (clicker training) and they love it! So far they know come, sit, go to mat, jump over a broom stick, spin (Ronja), high five and sit pretty (Johnny), and Ronja and I are working hard on the formal retrieve.

Johnny and Ronja are indoor cats, but we have been out a couple of times with a harness and leash.
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