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Hi! I'm Lauren and new to the forum.

I'm also somewhat new to my country of residence, The Netherlands; I'm originally from America. I'm trying to compile information on feeding my cats raw and a forum is one of the best places to start.

Some background:

I have two cats: Ronnie is a 3 year-old Siberian cat that I've had for 3 weeks. The owner is moving to a new country (feels somewhat Karmic because I had to find my cats a new home when I first moved to Holland 3 years ago). He's a sweet boy who is very independent. A week later, I went to our local animal shelter and rescued Thomas, a 7-year old Maine ****. Darling, gentle soul, he is but has some digestive issues (maybe other health issues).

We (my boyfriend and I) took Thomas to the vet a few days after we adopted him. He was very skinny but had a voracious appetite and was suffering from diarrhea. The vet says that he has an infection in his intestines so we put him on antibiotics. The diarrhea is better but still concerned about his hunger. I'm going to start dosing him with some non-dairy probiotics and will just monitor his progression.

I'm feeding them wet and dry food right now but my hopes are to get them transitioned to a raw diet.

The reason I am visiting this site is to read about any one's experience with raw food. I live in the Netherlands so I'm also reaching out to other Dutch members: where do you get your raw food? What's the most economical source here?

In the real world, I'm a bit shy so finding places to source raw meet is a bit daunting and hope to get some pointers here before I put said advice into practice.
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