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Hey everyone! I live in NY and have 5 cats.
1) Plague - she showed up on the porch after a small flood awhile ago...maybe 5 or 6 years. Known as Plaguey, The Walking Plague, Roadkill, Tash.
2) Gideon - found walking on the side of the road by one of my sister's friend's fathers and they didn't want her. She's also called Roly Poly, or Peaches O'Connor.
the other 3 are Gideon's kittens that we got too attached to and decided to keep...(we spayed her and the female kitten, and the boys are neutered so no more kittens!).
3) Potter B. Hobbes - the youngest of the kittens, they will be 3 this December
4) Brewster - the second oldest, he's a black/grey/reddish striped
5) Charlie Rose Specter - the third kitten and the only female. She and Potter and almost identical. They are all white except for a patch on their heads and the tip of their tails; Charlie has the black patches, Potter has grey.

The oldest of the litter was black with a little white on his chest and stomach...although he was born different. His front half was black and his back half was a dark grey. His name was Angus Cleopatra Kranston O'Connor (McMepherson). Unfortunately, he was hit by a car.:cry:

The best cat in the whole world was a cat named Buttercup that my family got even before I was born. He was an orange tabby and the best cat there ever was or will be, IMO. He died at 17 years old.


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