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I suppose i have to wait to gain access to discuss my need for help.. so, i'll hold off on that for now.

In the meantime, my name is Lisa and my cat is Henry (aka: Henryhenryhippo, henryhudsonriver/parkway, little boy!)

Henry adopted me about 2.5 years ago when i was living at my previous residence. He was the local stray and ruled the street i lived on. It was just a normal day to walk outside and see him across the street, surrounded by screaming birds, and a poor victim in his mouth. So came the name "Big bad Henry" that has since been retired.

I would sometimes leave him tuna or cold-cuts and give him water when he came around. He wasn't afraid of humans but definitely had trust issues. I learned my boundaries fast when it came to petting. That was the extent of our relationship for a while until one faithful night when he showed up on my porch with a puncture wound in his front paw. I was devastated! I knew i had to help this kitty but couldn't afford a vet bill and barely knew this cat. After about 4 days, i finally found an organization called FOCAS which worked with a vet a couple towns over to help stray/feral cats.

After cleaning his infected paw, giving him some revolution to kill his flea and ear mite infestation (I HAD BEEN BRINGING HIM INSIDE SINCE HIS INJURY!! TIME TO INCINERATE THE SHEETS AND COUCHES!) I was able to bring him home. He had to stay inside for 5-7 days to allow healing. Not fun for either of us.. but an unbreakable bond was formed. A month or so later, i moved into an apartment that allowed pets (no more hiding him from the landlord) but being that it was a new area and on a very busy street, i had to do the meanest thing, in his eyes, and make him an indoor cat.

Henry has been more than a handful. I've dropped a small fortune on him (thankfully pet insurance helped recover SOME of that). Here's the list:

-Ear cleaning to remove all the stuff the ear mites left behind.. that lead to chronic ear inflammation and about 3 months worth of daily at home cleanings and ear drops.

-Lysine gel twice a day to keep his Feline herpes at bay

-Heart Murmur which led to an Echocardiogram ($$$) and a diagnosis of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (sad face)

-Surgery to repair an umbilical hernia

-Emergency visit to the nearby vet when i came home and found he had eaten my "lucky bamboo plant".. not lucky to cats.. i had no idea. Some fluids and he was fine.

-Teeth cleaning and an extraction.

-Anal sac rupture resulting from trying to switch him to Blue Buffalo cat food. Apparently it didn't have enough fiber. Gross.

...and just recently, two separate 5 day hospital stays to treat a bout of pancreatitis/fatty liver. This was the most expensive of the lot and i feel awful because it's my fault. They told me for months that he was overweight and needed to go on a diet. I had been feeding him Friskies from day one and with the exception of the blue buffalo trial, i didn't heed their advice. I was just so traumatized from the anal sac rupture that i didn't want to take a chance changing his food.

So, now he's on liver pills, appetite stimulants, vitamin b complex, tramadol, pepcid AC, and a prescription diet of hills w/d. He hasn't been doing as well as we'd all like and i can't seem to get him to eat his new wet food. This is why i'm here. Once i have access to the proper forum, i'll go further into that.

Well, thanks for listening. Hope everyone and their kitties are having a wonderful day. :)
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