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Hey everyone
My names Jo and I'm 21

I have 2 kittens (siblings) named Morpheus (boy) and Trinity (girl)
They're 4 months and have recently been neautered - one week ago today

I'm finally getting there injections tOmorrow - a little later than planned as I'm not doing too good with money at the moment

I'm feeding them on what I think is a good cat food - purely complete kitten

Says its 40% meat - I did want applaws - but Abit to pricey for me at the

They're also drinking around 3 bowls of water a day - plus bath water when they can.

I have vets tomorrow and I noticed trinity has a really red eye a few days ago - does anyone know any possible cat charity's in UK that help with vet bills ?

The only thing I can thInk of why she may have red eyes is that I put bubbles on the floor for her to play with when I have a bath ?
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