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I am new to the forum, and a new cat owner. I recently adopted Hollow, an adorable half Tortoiseshell-half Calico kitten (I think?) who just turned 3 months old. She is a part-time professional acrobat and cuddler.

We got her from the SPCA. My understanding is her mother was abandoned and gave birth to her kittens outside. She was brought to the SPCA along with her (then) one-month old kittens. Hollow was raised in a nice foster home with her mom and sisters, so I think her exposure to other cats has been minimal (perhaps the one month when she was homeless).

The SPCA told me to have her vaccinated with her third booster shot (Feline Rhinotracheitis-Calici-Panleukopenia vaccine). I was wondering, is this necessary? She seems healthy, and I only want to give the vaccine if necessary. She did not test positive for any of these diseases (or any disease) when she was brought in. I live in Quebec, Canada and was told this vaccine was $110... which seems a bit high for a 1ml shot!

Any insight?
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