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I was wanting expert advice on a cat I rescued, so I Googled cat forum and found my way here.

My wife and I have three cats at the moment. I rescued one from underneath my grandmother's house after she had passed away. I brought the kitten home and she became an indoor/outdoor cat. I guess she had too much of the life outside at my grandmother's to be kept inside.

We let her get old enough to be spayed, but found out she was already pregnant. About three days before she had her kittens she decided she wanted to be an indoor cat, at least for a little while.

She had four beautiful kittens, two male and two female. Her coloring and the kittens' coloring got me wondering about her genetics and the genetics of the suspected father. I'll save the rest of the comments and questions for the Breeding forum.

I'm really glad I found this forum and look forward to getting advice and just chatting with other cat lovers.
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