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Hi there, and greetings from NJ.

Adopted an adorable kitten few days ago and can't wait to get acclimated here so i can give my kitten the best life possible!

This is my 2nd cat ever owned, i had one that passed away few months ago that i had owned for 11 years, and still haven't completely gotten over her. :(
Her name was April, and my kitten's name is Milo.
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Hi there and welcome from a fellow newbie to the forum.
Welcome and sorry for your loss.
We never truly get over those who have gone, they leave a void that impossible to fill.

Sorry to hear about your loss. It's unfortunate that our animal friends have a such a shorter lifespan than we do, which makes the time we get to spend with them all the more special. I hope that you create great memories with your new kitty, and I'm sure you will. :)
Sorry to hear you about your April passing :-(
This is a wonderful forum. Welcome!
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