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Hello,Cat forum

I am a guardian to 2 wonderful cats. I wouldn't say I'm a cat owner because the cats own me. /giggles. I wasn't sure I would make a good cat guardian until I got these 2.

The first one, her name is Roast Beef Sandwich. I know, I know, the name is just ridiculous. She was found by a persons work place. She was dirty, grungy. Just a small little thing. Her ears had so much mud in them that it took me a week to get it all out. She was missing some fur and some whiskers. You could tell she had it rough. Now she is a rambunctious 10 month old.

The second one, he found me. His name is Big Boy. He came to me by the front of the house. We have always had alot of stray neighborhood cats perched out on our front porch. And one day I noticed that one of the cats out there was pregnant so I started feeding them. This big lump of a cat came up on the porch one day. He wasn't scared like the other cats. He didn't run if you tried to approach him or anything. He was out there waiting for me every time I left the house. He'd follow me to the car. So over the next couple months I just kind of fell in love with him. I decided at that time that I was going to make him my cat. Our relationship has had some ups and downs. First, he was diagnosed with FIV. In my state, cats that are diagnosed are not adoptable and put to sleep. I was very sad because he was such a sweet cat and I didn't want to suffer alone, so I went against everybody else's advice and now he's my cat. He's had some issues, but all in all, he's pretty healthy. This cat is the love of my life though. Well, this is the extent of my animal family. I would like to get another cat but I don't think Roast Beef Sandwich would allow it. She is a very dominating female.

I am excited to join this forum. I'm sorry it's so long.

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